A Citizens' Commission


Education For BC - A Citizens' Commission On BC Public Education


Education in British Columbia has become such a polarized and a polarizing issue that what we don’t seem to talk about is education. 

It’s time for us, as citizens and voters, to speak up and get what we want.

We need to have a conversation about education if we are to continue to offer our children the best opportunities to learn, to grow, and to find their way in the world.

This is the place for that conversation to happen.

Hello and welcome to Education For BC, A Citizen’s Commission.

A site that I hope you’ll help me build into a meeting place where we talk about ideas, where we can talk about education in BC.  From this conversation, we can galvanize public opinion and push for political action to make sure our education system in British Columbia thrives.

Let’s work together, let’s learn together, and let’s get the focus back on education for our children, for our society, and for our future.

EducationForBC - Edu4BC - Education For BC

“Public education, of every denomination, should be directed to form citizens; but if you wish to make good citizens, you must first exercise the affections … This is the only way to expand the heart; for public affections, as well as public virtues, must ever grow out of the private character, or they are merely meteors that shoot athwart a dark sky, and disappear as they are gazed at and admired.”

Mary Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, 1792


Photo by: Reema Faris - West Vancouver School Board Trustee